Jiankou Great Wall
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Activities & travel tips

Entrance fee: no entrance fee, but you will be required to check in at the entrance of the village, and understand that you will bear all risks when walk the the Wall in this area. 

Jiankou Great Wall is not peaceful any more. The scenery is breathtaking here, but it’s not for all ages. Due to the unrestored condition and more and more visitors, the wall is becoming loose and unsteady. Some walkers claimed here as rock climbing instead of hiking. Try to avoid weekend in summer time, since it’s crowded with local Chinese, and you have to wait the long queue in certain dangerous sections. You have to watch your steps very carefully. In a bad weather like lightening and rainstorm, you have to get off the wall as quick as possible. Several Chinese were killed by lightening in the past years.  

Definitely kids and seniors are not recommended here. Simatai, Jinshanling and Mutianyu are good alternatives.

It’s highly recommeded to employ an English-speaking guide in Beijing and a local farmer guide in the village who is faimliar with all secret path in the wall just in case. Comfortable boots is a necessary. Stick is helpful but some sections you have to climb up by hands. 

Hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu or reverse can be an alternative for those who really want to experience Jiankou section. You can start from Zhengbeilou Tower, where you have a panoramic view of the whole Jiankou section, and then walk eastward to Mutianyu. In this route, you will not miss the secenery, and not try the risk as well, and a fairly 5 hours hiking. You will finish the hiking at Mutianyu, and then try a fun experience of toboggan down the mountain.