Jiankou Great Wall
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Dining & accommodations at Jiankou Great Wall

Xizhazi Village 西栅子村
Situated at the foot of Jiankou Great Wall, Xizhazi Village is the base of Jiankou Great Wall where visitors can stop for a rest. If you do a day trip to Jiankou, it’s not necessary to stay overnight. If you want to experience the sunrise and sunset, this village is the best location.   Most the local farmers have newly-built guesthouses, and they are basic and simple. Simple but fabulous home-made local Chinese food is available at these guesthouses. Jiankou is becoming a popular destination among local Chinese, so you have to reserve an accommodation if you go there at weekend, otherwise just go straight. The local farmers can not speak any English and it’s recommeded to employ an English-speaking guide in Beijing.   Standard twin room with private facility will cost RMB 150-200. Multi-shared rooms will cost RMB 20 each and the local heated brick bed (Kang) will cost RMB 20 as well. A pulic toilet and shower is available for multi-shared accommodation.   The local dish of rainbow trout is delicious.